Dedicated Special Needs Classroom

SPECTRUM is a specialized program in which students with learning, behavioral, mental health, or medical disabilities receive an education designed to utilize their individual strengths. These students receive individualized instruction in academic, social, and behavioral skills, including independent living and vocational skills. Our goal is to help these children advance educationally and behaviorally, while preparing for their future.

Spectrum students are taught reading/writing, math, social studies, health/science, and life/vocational skills through the Unique Learning System. Unique is an online, interactive, standards-based curriculum specifically designed for students with special needs. The program provides interactive materials that teachers can implement into the classroom learning activities, which make learning engaging. Along with their academic classes, the students will practice cultivating a garden, going grocery shopping, doing laundry, cleaning, having job responsibilities, and cooking.

For more information regarding our SPECTRUM program please contact the school.