North Florida Educational Institute is a private, tuition charging school and requires a scholarship to help fund for the student’s education.  We accept scholarships from AAA, Gardiner, John McKay, and Step Up for Students.  Current students should ensure they renew their scholarship annually.



The AAA Scholarship Foundation team has invested more than 15 years devoted to passionately advocating for the under-served, under-represented and academically disadvantaged members of our communities.


Gardiner Scholarship

The Gardiner Scholarship (PLSA) program helps parents individualize the educational plans for their children with certain special needs.  Scholarships can be used for specialized services such as speech or occupational therapy, instructional materials, tuition at an eligible private school, contributions to a college prepaid account and more.  Eligible students need an Individual Education Plan (IEP) from a Florida school district or a formal diagnosis from a Florida licensed physician or psychologist.


John McKay

The John McKay Scholarship is awarded to students with disabilities who have either a 504 or an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  As we take pride in ensuring that these students also receive a high-quality education, we ask that you bring a copy of the student’s most recent IEP and psychological evaluation, along with their current report card, for us to determine whether we have the appropriate resources for your child’s success.


Step Up for Students

Step Up for Students is an income-based scholarship program to assure that low-income children have more learning options.  Children who are homeless or in foster care or out-of-home care also qualify for this type of scholarship.  Applications are awarded on a first come first serve basis with priority given to the students with a higher financial need.