2017-2018 School Calendar


16th-18th        Teacher Pre-planning
19th                 Orientation (ALL STUDENTS)
21st                  First Day of School
21st-25th        Student Body Count
31st                  Senior Class Meeting



1st                    Early Dismissal/Fire Drill
4th                    Labor Day (NO SCHOOL)
12th                  Back-to-School Pep Rally
15th                  Progress Reports
15th                  Early Dismissal/Inclement Weather Drill
19th                  Open House
26th-29th       i-Ready Testing (A)
27th-29th        Seniors Academic Counseling
29th                  Early Dismissal
29th                  Senior Parent Meeting



6th                    Early Dismissal/Fire Drill
11th-12th         Junior Academic Counseling
13th                  End of Grading Period
19th                  Report Cards
20th                 Fall Festival
27th                 Early Dismissal



2nd                  Picture Day
3rd                   Early Dismissal/Fire Drill
9th                   Progress Reports
10th                 Veteran’s Day (NO SCHOOL)
17th                 Early Dismissal
22nd               Admin/Leadership 8-3
22nd-24th     Thanksgiving Break


December (½ day release last week before break)

1st                     Early Dismissal/Fire Drill
15th                  Early Dismissal
20th                 Teacher Planning Day
21st                  End of Grading Period
22th-29th       Winter Break (NO SCHOOL)


1st                    New Year’s Day (NO SCHOOL)
3rd                   Back to School
4th                   Report Cards
5th                   Early Dismissal/Fire Drill
15th                 MLK Jr. Day (NO SCHOOL)
19th                 Early Dismissal
23rd-26th      i-Ready Testing (B)
31st                 Progress Reports



2nd                  Early Dismissal/Fire Drill
14th                 Valentine’s Day Dance
16th                 Early Dismissal/Inclement Weather
19th                 President’s Day (NO SCHOOL)
20th-23rd      Black History Celebration
28th                Progress Reports



2nd                   Early Dismissal/Fire Drill
6th-9th            Stan 10 Testing ½ Days
15th                  End of Grading Period
16th                  Teacher Planning Day
19th-23rd        Spring Break (NO SCHOOL)
29th                  Report Cards
0th                  Good Friday (NO SCHOOL)



6th                    Talent Show
13th                  Early Dismissal/Fire Drill
20th                 Spring Fling Outdoor Festival
26th                 Progress Reports
23rd-27th       i-Ready Testing (C)
27th                 Early Dismissal



3rd                    In School Game
7th-11th            Senior Exams
14th-18th         Final Exams Week
18th                  Early Dismissal/Fire Drill
18th                  Senior’s Last Day
21st-25th         End of Year Trips
28th                  Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)
31st                   Last Day of School ½ Day



1st                    Teacher Post Planning
4th                   Teacher Post Planning
7th                   Report Cards